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ກອງປະຊຸມຄັ້ງທີ່ I ຂອງຄະນະປະສານງານຂັ້ນສູງ (1st JCC Meeting)


The First Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Meeting held for the Project for Capacity Development on Bridge Maintenance and Management

VIENTIANE, 05 February 2021 – The officials from Department of Roads, DPWTs of Vientiane Province, Savannakhet Province, Champasak Province together with the team of JICA Experts gathered for the first Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Meeting for the Project for Capacity Development on Bridge Maintenance and Management (JICA-BMM), to officially launch the 3-year Project.


Co-chaired by Ms. Akiko SANADA, JICA Senior Representative and Mr. Litta Khattiya, Director General, Department of Roads, MPWT, the first JCC for JICA-BMM was held to discuss the overall project approach and methodology, and also to exchange views on major issues arising from or in connection with the Project.

The overall objective of the said JICA-BMM is to improve the bridge maintenance and management capacity of the counterpart agencies and the JICA Experts work together to accomplish a series of project outcomes including improvement of (i) bridge inspection and diagnosis capability, (ii) bridge maintenance and repair capability as well as (iii) systematic planning and budgeting capability through operation of bridge management system.


After the JICA Expert made a presentation on the inception report, discussions were centered on the Public-Private-Academia Collaboration. Prof. Khampaseuth Thepvongsa, representing Faculty of Engineering, NUOL, expressed his appreciation towards Public-Private-Academia Collaboration which encourages to engage junior engineers in the project activities and hence enhances sustainability of the project outcomes. Mrs. Saykham Thammanosouth, Deputy Director General, Public works and Transport Training Institution (PTTI) also emphasized the importance of rolling out the project activities and outcomes throughout the entire Laos though accomplishment of the Public-Private-Academia Collaboration

Amid the global pandemic of Covid-19, those meaningful discussions were made online by connecting to JICA Head Quarter and JICA Experts in Japan while taking necessary prevention measures such as wearing masks and the use of disinfection hand gel

Seventh Regional EST Forum in Asia and Global Consultation on Sustainable Transport in the post 2015 Development Agenda

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The Contract Signing Ceremony for supply of steel truss bridge span and accessories for the Lao-Myanmar Friendship Bridge Construction Project between Co-Employer, Department of Roads, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Lao PDR , Public Works, Ministry of Construction, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Contractor China Harzone Industry Corp., Ltd was held in Luangprabang View Hotel on 10 July 2013. High ranking officials participating in the ceremony included H.E. Dr. Bounchanh SINGTHAVONG, Vice Minister of Ministry of Public Works and Transport,Lao PDR,  H.E.Dr. Win Myint, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Construction, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, H.E. Khamkhanh Chanthavisouk, Deputy Governors of Luangprabang province, H.E U Kyaw Soe Win, Myanmar’s Ambassador to Lao PDR   and also distinguished guests from concerned authorities. For contract signing, on behalf of the Department of Roads presented Mr. Ngampasong Muongmany, Deputy Director General, on behalf of Public Works, Ministry of Construction of Myanmar presented Mr. Kyaw Linn and Mr. Li Kaigiong presented on behalf of China Harzone Industry Corp., Ltd.

The supply of steel truss bridge span and accessories is an important work of the Lao-Myanmar Friendship Bridge Construction Project, which Lao and Myanmar agreed to jointly procure on the tender basic. The tender was commenced since 1 March 2013 by publishing in newspapers in both countries and the Tender closed in 14 May 2013. The Tender was opened officially in Yangon on 7 June 2013 and the winner was China Harzone Industry Corp., Ltd.

Under this contract the works consist of the supply of 3 spans steel truss warrant type with a two lanes for motorized traffic inside, 8.5 meters wide. 1.2 meters wide footpath and 12 meters in high. The contractor shall also provide accessories & erection equipment and supervision of erection for Lao-Myanmar Friendship Bridge Construction Project.  This contract will be commenced approximately on 1 August 2013 and will last for 6 months with total contract price 3,964,000.00 USD.

The Lao-Myanmar Friendship Bridge  is a praiseworthy effort of the two governments, two counties cooperation, between Lao People’s Democratic the Republic and The Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It was remarkably, in the occasion of the visit of the Myanmar’s President H.E U Thein Sein in Vientiane on 22 March 2012 in response to an invitation from his Lao counterpart H.E Choummaly Sayasone, President of Lao PDR, when both leaders agreed to deepen cooperation in building the first Mekong Friendship Bridge between two countries. After such important agreement, Ministry of Public Works and Transport Lao PDR and Ministry of Construction the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has begun the survey and design work jointly since May 2012. The construction was commenced since the ground breaking ceremony was launched on 16 February 2013 at the bridge site at Houykoum village, 15 kilometers north of Xiengkok, Long District, Luangnamtha Province, at Lao PDR’s side and about 500 meters south of Kianglab village, Tharchiliek District, Shan State, at Myanmar’s side.

The bridge total length is 691.6 meters with 10.9 meters wide, 2 traffic lanes 8.5 meters, two footpath 1.2 meters each side. The bridge span is divided into two types. Through-type continuous steel truss 360 meters in length and 12 meter in high, is located in mid span and 331.6 meters in length prestressing concrete type is located at the approach span. The bridge was designed to carry a truck load up to 75 tons, earthquake up to 7 Richter scale and 500 tons ship can pass through.

Project cost is estimated up to 26 millions US Dollars, which will be financed by the two governments, Laos and Myanmar. The construction period of the bridge is 30 months commencing from 16 February 2013 and scheduled to complete by 15 August 2015.

After the completion, the Lao-Myanmar Friendship Bridge will become a symbol of the cooperation and solidarity of the two nations and the two countries, Laos and Myanmar. The project will bridge the National Road No. 17 at Lao PDR side with National Road No.4 at Myanmar side, which will pave the way for connectivity linkage, joint development and cross border trade between the two peoples. Furthermore, the bridge will bring an enormous potential to the two nations and region, specially countries like Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and China and may extend to India and Bangladesh.

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