Xekamanh Bridge Construction Project Number 2 in Attapeu Province

 Xekamanh Bridge Construction Project Number 2 is a priority for the province and completion of the project is urgent as the bridge is needed for use by local villagers. The Bridge project is under the direction of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the ministry has given responsibility to Department of Public Works and Transport (DPWT)in Attapeu province to closely monitor the bridge construction regularly. The province has received good cooperation from all parties such as local authorities and people in the area.

The Bridge Construction Project is located between Ban Samakhyxai and Ban Xekamanh, in Samakhyxai District, Attapeu Province. It begin sat Ban Samakhyxai km 1+200 of road number 18B, crossing the Xekamanh River and then linking to road number 1J, which is about 1 km from Ban Xekamanhin Phouvong District.

After construction, The Bridge will be the link between road number 18B and road number 1J to Phouvong District and to the Cambodian border. The surrounding are as at the approach and exit of the Bridge are appropriate for planting tree and cash crops, which will help villagers to generate income. The area at Ban Xekamanh is also appropriate for farming and rice production.

Investment funding for the Bridge was comprised of grant assistance from the Government of Japan (in amount of 2.6 million United States Dollars) and additional budget from Central Government of Lao PDR (in amount of 3.27 million United States Dollars). The total cost of the Bridge is 5.87 million United States Dollars. Lao Transport Engineering Consultant (LTEC) was selected as the surveyor and designer. Road Construction Enterprise No.8 is the lead contractor for construction in cooperation with the Somxai Chaleun Construction Company.

Initially it was expected that the period of construction would be about 24 months and work commenced on 5 August 2010. Since then, the need for additional works has been identified accounting for some 15 percent of the original contract amount as evidenced in the Minutes of Meeting, dated 31 July 2012 at Attapeu DPWT, and with the agreement of the provincial Governor (No.1099/g.attp, date 9 August 2012). There fore on 5 August 2012, there was a contract extension signed, granting an additional 9 months. The extension of contract commenced 6 August 2012 and continues up to 5 May 2013. The total period of construction is 33 months and guaranty period is 12 months.

The Bridge has been designed according to international standards, the total length is 208 meters, the width is 11.5 meters, and there are two vehicle lanes. Each lane is 3.75 meters wide. There are two footpaths (one on each side) and these are 1.5 meters wide each.

To complete the Xekamanh Bridge Construction on time, Attapeu DPWT has provided extensive advice to the contractors, with regular monitoring visits to facilitate construction. The contractor has guaranteed to finish on time and has guaranteed the Bridge quality and safety for use. This Bridge will improve local living conditions and assist in poverty alleviation for local communities as is desired by the government

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